PowerPoint Clip Art

What is Clip Art?


Clip Art, are basically images, provided by Microsoft, which present a whole selection of themes. As the name says, Clip Art images are not only raw photographs of objects, landscapes etc. but also hand made artwork of them.

Inserting Clip Art


To insert a Clip Art, simply follow these steps:


Up in the Taskbar, go to: Insert>Picture> Clip Art...

clip art


    The First time you open the clip art section, you might get a Clip Organizer notification. Select to option that will configure it, so that it finds all the images and Clip Arts on yor computer. The scan might take some time.



    After we complete the first step, a sidebar shall open on the right of your screen. It's the clipart interfrace.

    clip art search

For instance, let's type in the word "money". Then click the Search button.


After you press search, the clip art interfrace will bring you image results. In this case i typed in Money.

The image here shows a clipped view of the Results. To import the image into the presentation, simply click on it.

clip art results

To change the browsing view, press the icon highlited in green.

To perform another search, just click modify.