Intermediate Tutorials


The mood setter

The Background is one of the most important traits of a good presentation. It defines the mood of the entire presentation. Set it black - the presentation will be serious,dark or even creepy. Make it blue, the presentation will have a melanholic, peaceful atmosphere. Experiment but be careful! A color which you may like, may not always be fine with the audience.

To set the backgrond, right click on your slide>select Background> Here you may chooose a range of standard colors or use fill effect.

If you voose fill effects yo will be given a wide choice of gradients,textures,patterns, or if you wish you can entery your own image!

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powerpoint background

Inserting an image.

It's simple!

To insert an image from the internet, simply tight click and copy it, then right click on the slide and press paste. You may rotate, resize and move it wherever you want.

Although, if you have an image on your hard drive you wish to insert follow these steps.

Go to Insert > Picture > From File

insert a powerpoint image



Make it move!

Animations are good for making your presentations dynamic. Fading in text, Rotating images, Moving the presentations content, all makes it very dynamic and more interesting. But don't overdo it! Putting in too many and fast animations will make the viewers dizzy.

To animate text or an image simply:

Right click on the object you wish to animate, select custom animation. A window to the right will appear with animation options. Press add effect to add a custom animation, premade transitions etc.

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powerpoint animations