PowerPoint Videos

How to insert a video into a presentation?

It's easier than you think...

On this page you will learn how o insert a video into your presentation. Whether it will be a youtube video or a regular video file- your call.

How to insert a Youtube Video

Here you go!

How to insert a regular video?

Insert a video, different than in .flv format.

Here's is a video which will show you how to insert youtube video, not requiring a internet connection at the time of playing the presentation. It shows how to download a youtube video on to your hard drive and convert to any video format, and then enter it into your presentation (works with any videos, not only YouTube videos).

Other PowerPoint Videos

Not exact tutorials, but definately worth watching!

Video Description
funny power point video Comedian Don McMillan, with his humorous and very insightful viewpoint on how people should not be using PowerPoint.
death by powerpoin An interesting video containing very usefull tips, to make a pperfect presentation!